Sweet and Gentle

Her sweet, gentle heart melted at the sight of you and the sound of your name. You lied to her face and strung her along for months, played her like she was nothing, but her forgiving heart let you back in and she was broken crushed inside. She tried telling you but you didn’t care … More Sweet and Gentle

Show and Tell

The American Flag can mean many things to everyone but to me it means fighting through battles. Not just the battles we face with people but the battles through life and fighting to make it through the struggle. It shows me that in the end everything works out and you have to keep pushing through … More Show and Tell


This is my screenplay about a high school girl named Emma explaining to her mother her depression. Her mother doesn’t understand why she is so upset over a high school boy and doesn’t help Emma. Emma couldn’t handle all the sadness that was consuming her life and all her thoughts. Everything to Emma was awful, … More Explaining

For The Best

Change is always for the best even if we don’t think so. Everything does happen for a reason and sometimes change is scary and very hard but it all plays itself out in the end. These past couple of months have been so dragged on and depressing but I realized that being sad and scared … More For The Best

All About You

Forever in my heart is where you’ll stay We were together day and night Colors so brilliant fade to gray Wishing for just one more day You were my sun shining bright Forever in my heart is where you’ll stay When will this aching go away You were the only one in my sight Forever … More All About You

Lost Hope

For the past three years of my life I’ve been diagnosed with leukemia. My name is Carly Smith and I’m a senior at the biggest high school in Texas. We also have the best softball team in the state which I was the star hitter on until my body became too weak for even eating … More Lost Hope